Tuesday, July 24, 2018

God is My Compass

By Bruce Goodmansen

 Once my first book became a national best seller shortly after graduating from BYU, I became hooked on the entrepreneur lifestyle.  Since its publication, I have built a number of companies and have create a plethora of products that have been introduced into stores nationwide.  Then came the day when I was heavily embezzled and lost almost everything—at that moment I don’t think my heart could have sunk to a deeper depth—in fact, I did not wish to live. 

Eventually hope healed my painful wounds, and then the thought came to mind to create a unique compass that would serve as a constant reminder of just who will always be my best guide in life—especially when I am lost.  So at the position of north, upon the compass face, the word, GOD, was added, for He, indeed, is our finest guide in life and our True North.  The scripture, Joshua 1:9 was engraved in brass on the backside as a reminder that the Lord is with us in all our daily travels.

The God is My Guide Compass was produced as a gift of faith just over a year ago, and since then our company has sold nearly 5,000 throughout the country.  We have received emails from missionary moms who wanted to thank us for the inspiration the compass has become in the daily life of their missionary.  Grandparents have written us to say that the compass is now traditionally given to every grandchild on the day of their baptism.   And people of every faith have posted gracious reviews to express the joy it has brought to them or to a loved one.

Life can be terribly overwhelming, but as the prophet Joshua said: “Be strong and courageous!  For the Lord thy God is with thee wherever you go.”  We hope the compass will remind you of this constant blessing throughout your life.

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