"Something I've learned on the mission is that down deep everyone just wants to be accepted.Everyone wants to feel like they belong. People just have different ways of going about getting that acceptance. When you are able to get to know someone better and see what makes them tick you can learn to love them so much more and gain a friend that you never thought you would have had. I think the best remedy for being annoyed is to get to know the person better. Learn what makes them tick, likes, dislikes, and alwaysremember that they are part of your family." ~Elder Kelton Chapman
Dianna Louise Mikulecky
Sent to me from my dear friend in Scotland:
Here's a little spiritual uplift from one of my 7 year old junior primary boys:
Boy: "I'm going to go on a mission when I'm older and it's going to be really sad."
His mum: "Great! But why will it be sad?"
Boy: "Because I'll be knocking on their doors and they won't know I'm their brother."

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