Saturday, January 9, 2016

Merry Skypemas

The holidays are over now, but my Skype with my Missionary is still fresh on my mind! Having our little family "all together" for a few minutes was definitely the highlight of Christmas day!

We laughed, shared stories and laughed some more... it felt so good! When our time was almost up, we asked our Elder to bare his testimony to us in Spanish... the Spirit was strong! And then our 10 year old offered the sweetest family prayer! It was a little slice of heaven!

In MM households all over the world, families gathered around computers, tablets and phones to share a few minutes with their Missionaries. Some got a "Family" picture, some had new members of the family to introduce to their Missionary, some couldn't get the connection to work very well, and some only got a phone call. BUT, we were all excited to hear from our Missionaries!

Let the countdown to Mother's Day begin!  ;)

~Heidi  =0)