Monday, September 17, 2018

Missionary Christmas it a missionary Christmas for you?  Is your Elder or Sister serving the Lord and won't be home for Christmas?

Holidays can be rough when all our loved ones are not together.  It's especially hard when it's your child.  One Missionary Momma does a little something that helps.  Michelle Lott of Clay Creations, makes these adorable clay Christmas ornaments that look like your Elder or Sister.

You can choose skin, eye, and hair color and if you order early enough, you can add custom text to a suitcase, make the tie match his favorite, or add her favorite cardigan to the look.

She even makes missionary couples to help keep Grandma and Grandpa apart of Christmas traditions when they are out serving!

This adorable wedding couple ornament is a great gift for those newlyweds.

The sweet little baptism ornaments, that are holding an image of Christ, are great for the little ones in your family that were recently baptized.

Come take a closer look at all the adorable options over at the Missionary Momma Mall!

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

God is My Compass

By Bruce Goodmansen

 Once my first book became a national best seller shortly after graduating from BYU, I became hooked on the entrepreneur lifestyle.  Since its publication, I have built a number of companies and have create a plethora of products that have been introduced into stores nationwide.  Then came the day when I was heavily embezzled and lost almost everything—at that moment I don’t think my heart could have sunk to a deeper depth—in fact, I did not wish to live. 

Eventually hope healed my painful wounds, and then the thought came to mind to create a unique compass that would serve as a constant reminder of just who will always be my best guide in life—especially when I am lost.  So at the position of north, upon the compass face, the word, GOD, was added, for He, indeed, is our finest guide in life and our True North.  The scripture, Joshua 1:9 was engraved in brass on the backside as a reminder that the Lord is with us in all our daily travels.

The God is My Guide Compass was produced as a gift of faith just over a year ago, and since then our company has sold nearly 5,000 throughout the country.  We have received emails from missionary moms who wanted to thank us for the inspiration the compass has become in the daily life of their missionary.  Grandparents have written us to say that the compass is now traditionally given to every grandchild on the day of their baptism.   And people of every faith have posted gracious reviews to express the joy it has brought to them or to a loved one.

Life can be terribly overwhelming, but as the prophet Joshua said: “Be strong and courageous!  For the Lord thy God is with thee wherever you go.”  We hope the compass will remind you of this constant blessing throughout your life.

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

93% of RMs Experienced This On Their Mission…

Please welcome guest blogger and RM, Spencer Allen. Spencer served in the England London Mission (2007-2009), and attended BYU-I upon returning where he studied Digital Marketing. He now owns Vital Avenue and is helping missionaries and families all over the world!

Over the last few months, we’ve partnered with a group of local college students to help us understand what goes on during a mission. Although we’re active, happy members of the Church, including all of my siblings and I serving missions (Paris, France; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; London, England; Santa Maria, Brazil; Modesto, California), we wanted a closer look inside… at least as close we possibly can.

It’s time I let the cat out of the bag… going on a mission puts EVERY missionary in unfamiliar situations… shocker, I know!

Whether it’s a culture, language, geographical location, talking to complete strangers, or what’s on the dinner table, there is NOTHING like serving a mission.

Regardless of how much my mom tried to prepare me (thank you “Try Something New Night” dinners every week for the last 2 years before leaving on my mission), there’s nothing quite like being in the moment.

Nothing could have prepared me for the night I had pig trotters for dinner. While I’ll spare you the details, I’ll tell you one thing. It was a meal I’ll never forget.

It may be an impossible task to talk to every single RM, but something tells me that I’m not alone in saying you’ll find yourself eating food or drinking something that you’ve never tried before at least once on your mission.

In our research, we surveyed over 250 returned missionaries. As the results continue to come in, the data becomes more and more interesting.

Of the 250+ RMs we polled:

  • 93% ate or drank something they had never been exposed to BEFORE their missions
  • 63% said they ate something they felt was undercooked, underprepared, unsanitary, or otherwise harmful at least a few times a year
  • 42% experienced gastrointestinal issues AT LEAST a few times a year
  • 61% had to pause missionary work due to digestion / stomach related issue

While we’ve received tremendous insights from soon-to-be full-time missionaries as well as RMs, we’re still wanting to know more about the thought process for parents of missionaries.

Will you please take 5-10 minutes in taking the survey below?

Not only will your efforts help our team of college students, but your input and opinions will have a direct impact on those who are currently dealing with common stomach problems including constipation, diarrhea, and parasites as well as those who are looking for additional means of protection against the effects uncommon foods and drinks may bring.

In addition, Vital Avenue is offering a (1) month supply to (10) lucky winners as well as (1) of those (10) also receiving a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Our team has put together a handful of video testimonials as well as some great content on their site that details their products and their mission of helping preserve and protect the digestive health and well being of your missionary while they labor.

You can visit their website at

Again, the link you can use to access the survey can be found here:

Vital Avenue can be found on the Missionary Momma Mall

Thursday, November 9, 2017

If it Fits, it Ships! (Except for International, then there is a weight limit)

Sending packages to missionaries serving internationally can be tricky and expensive.  For many of us, the most efficient and affordable way to get something to our missionary is via an USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are only $6.65 to ship within the US and $33.95 to ship them internationally.

When shipping these within the US there is no weight limit.  When you ship them internationally they can weigh no more than 4 pounds. 
They come in a few different varieties, and all ship for the same price internationally, but vary slightly within the US.:
1. The standard Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are made out of stiff, but flexible cardboard and are available free at most Post Office locations. They are designed to hold 8.5 x 11 documents.  US $6.95, International $33.95
2. The padded Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are plastic, bubble wrap envelopes and are about the same size as the standard ones above.  They are not usually available at the Post Office and can be ordered for free from  They are flexible and they protect the contents. US $7.20, International $33.95
3. The legal size, Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are made out of stiff, but flexible cardboard and are not usually available at the Post Office.  They can be ordered for free from (click the link and it will take you to the order form on the USPS website.) US $6.95, International $33.95
If you print and pay for the mailing labels online at you will get free tracking and a small discount over the price you pay at the counter in the Post Office.  If you are shipping to an address outside of the US you will be directed through filling out the customs form online as well.
So, what will fit in one of these envelopes??  All kinds of stuff!  This legal size, flat rate envelope contains: 1 set of twin size sheets, 1 YW personal progress book, 1 YW pendant, 1 CTR ring (cheap distribution center variety), organic fruit snacks, sour belts(Hawaiian candy), post-it note tabs and one hand written letter. All for the low price of $33.95! You just have to watch the weight when shipping international, you can't go over 4lbs. and keep the low price.
I was able to get all of this -
into this -
Here is a nifty trick I found on Pinterest.   I use this, or a modified version of it, every time I send a flat rate envelope package to my missionary. 
When you are shopping for your missionary think flat-ish, and not very breakable.  Here are some ideas for you:

You will be amazed by how much love you can fit in one of these envelopes!  Whatever gifts you choose, make sure you get them in the mail on time.  Check here for the USPS holiday shipping cut off dates.

Good luck and have fun!