Monday, September 29, 2014


I recently had a conversation with another MM, we were talking about the different ways that Missionary Mommas Group on Facebook has helped us. She said "it's like an MTC for Mommas" and you know what???  I think she's right!  I have learned so much over the past year from the comments and posts that have been posted in the MM Group! I now know that each mission has different rules that the Mission President puts into place for the missionaries he is responsible for in his mission. I know waaaaaaay more than any one person needs to know about shipping and handling! I can pop off about 50 different fun treats to send to my missionary.... and cute quotes to go with them! And, most days, I can tell ya the weather conditions across the seas! ;)

I also have learned about the tender mercies that occur on a daily basis, for our MMs and each of their missionaries. I know of the pain that a Momma experiences when her missionary is struggling and the extreme joy that comes when a missionary is successful and loving his or her mission! I have shared in the excitement surrounding the "homecoming" experience.... and oh my goodness I can hardly wait!!!!

As Sisters in Zion we DO all work together. We teach, we learn.... we glean from one another!  So as missionaries enter the MTC... we Mommas come here to the MMTC... the Missionary Momma Training Center!!! What we don't know...we research and discover together!


Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Please welcome Guest Blogger Sonja Sheffer. 
Sonja posted this awesome short story the other day.... we all loved it! So, we are sharing it with the world!!!

The true story of a Missionary Mom:

See Sonja.

See Sonja pick up Sister Sheffer's new eyeglasses from the eye-doctor on her morning work break.

See Sonja pick up a small size box from the post office on her lunch break.


See Sonja pack the box on her afternoon work break.

See Sonja realize she doesn’t have packing tape.

See Sonja run to WalMart to buy packing tape.


See Sonja tape the box (TAPE TAPE TAPE).

See Sonja put in the glasses. (PACK PACK PACK)

See Sonja puzzled that the glasses don’t fit (THINK THINK THINK)


See Sonja excited to get to send a BIGGER box.

See Sonja pick up a BIGGER BOX from the post office on her morning work break.

See Sonja realize there is a LOT more space to be filled in.


See Sonja pick up a requested white tank top from the clothing store on her lunch break.

See Sonja buy Emily some peachie-o’s.

See Sonja buy Emily some chocolate.


See Sonja pack the box on her afternoon work break.

See Sonja realize the box STILL has a ton of room.

See Sonja run to WalMart and buy a giant bottle of Nutella.

CRY SONJA CRY (at the price of Nutella!)

See Sonja pack the box on her morning work break.

See Sonja puzzled that the white tank top now has Nutella all over it.

See Sonja realize some little sibling in the night OPENED the giant Nutella and ate out of it.


See Sonja eat the peachie-o’s.

See Sonja eat the chocolate.

See Sonja put the eyeglasses in a bubble mailer and mail it.


Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thank You for the Rain!

On September 17th last year, THIS happened....

It rained the whole way home... outside AND inside the car...sniff....sniff!

BUT, on September 17th this year, THIS HAPPENED!!!

This past year has been so much fun, getting to know MMs from all around the world and their  missionaries who are serving all over!!! A day doesn't go by that I don't get to laugh, cry, share, learn and love on Missionary Mommas!!! 

I have found that I am not the only one with a worn-out refresh button on my computer, and I'm not the only one weeping during football, basketball, track or baseball season. I'm not the only one with a secret stash of chocolate for hard days and I am not the only one cutting across traffic to get to the curb and whipping out my phone to snap a pic of missionaries riding by.... yes, I really did this yesterday  :}

One year down and one to go...and then I get to buy a "mission accomplished" banner and post "airport hug" pics! I am already on the look out for cute "homecoming appetizer" ideas.... and OH SUGAR, this means I hafta give his hoodie back!!!!

And about the time that I get used to NOT having a missionary out.... my daughter will be old enough to go! ***SIGH***

Until then... I will not only enjoy the rain....I will be thankful for it. Because without missions there would be no MMs and without rain....there would be no rainbows!!!

****I LOVE MMs****

Monday, September 15, 2014

First Day Blues

Recently, Traci Hovey asked the question "How do you deal with the 
proud but "empty" feeling when that missionary finally leaves?"

Lots of Mommas jumpped in on this thread with lots of good suggestions! We discovered that everyone "deals" differently! Some Mommas have to stay out of their missionaries room and others get right in there and clean! Some Mommas go to movies to get their mind off the "missing", and some Mommas treat themselves to ice cream, soda pop, Krispie Kremes....and yep, you guessed it CHOCOLATE!

Some Mommas need lots of hugs, others just go to bed early. Some watch comedies, and others dive into family history! Some Mommas go to the Temple to find comfort, some get blessings and others focus on love'n on the kids they still have at home. Some Mommas use to send daily notes to their missionary in the MTC, and some Mommas just gotta let themselves cry.

We have Mommas that recommend taking the day off, and Mommas that go hug their local Sister Missionaries. We have Mommas that wear their missionaries hoodies and Mommas that set new goals to accomplish while their missionary is serving! AND one Momma even suggested bungee jumping!  LOL!

We all look forward to snail mail and weekly emails and everyone agreed that staying busy helps. Getting out there and serving your local missionaries helps a bunch!!! For me, hanging out on the MM group with other Mommas that "get it" has been the best cure for those first day (and every **BIG SIGH** day) blues!!!


Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Elders in Da Hood!

Please Welcome guest blogger Carmella Taylor.

My name is Carmella Taylor and I live in Richland, WA. I am the mother of 4 great kids. I currently have two full time missionaries. Elder Dillon Taylor serving in Morristown New Jersey and Elder Austin Shawn Taylor serving in Redlands California Mission. I have two children at home Landon 16 and Carly 13. In this video Elder Taylor and Elder Page were stopped on the streets of Irvington New Jersey by Chris. He wanted to ask them some questions about being a Missionary. He told them he likes to make small You Tube videos. He was very respectful to the Elders and was just pretty curious. He had seen them around town. I am so proud of these two Elders and the way they were confident and represented the church. Proud Missionary Momma Moment!!

Monday, September 8, 2014

It's P-Day Again!

We all know how Missionary Mommas feel about P-Day!
It's our favorite day of the week! 

Refresh - Refresh - Refresh - Yay!  An Email!! 
Double Yay!!  There are Pics!!

Missionaries work hard 6 and 1/2 days a week, and then they get a few hours to take care of business and if they are lucky, have a bit of fun on P-Day.  As you can see by the pics, they can get pretty creative with their fun.  We love all the pics - the goofy, the beautiful, the outrageous, and the serious.  Here's another tribute to the best day of the week - P-Day!!