Monday, December 1, 2014

What do they Sell at the Provo MTC Missionary BOOKSTORE?

Provo MTC Missionary BOOKSTORE 

Does Elder Jones need 3 weeks of laundry soap?  Should I send Hermana Smith with 6 weeks of shampoo?  Oh NO, I forgot to pack…
Have you ever wondered what they sell at the Provo MTC Bookstore?  Here you will find a list.
You spend months and months packing and preparing for a mission.  No need to stress, the BOOKSTORE at the PROVO MTC is where they can get a number of useful items. 
A few tips.  #1 – laundry machines are FREE, but they do need to bring or buy soap/dryer sheets.
The pay phones at the airports are very expensive for collect calls.  So they can call you before they  fly out and it won’t cost an arm and leg, we highly suggest you send your missionary with a pre-paid phone card.  They DO sell these at the bookstore too.

Personal care items
·                     blow dryers
·                     curling irons
·                     hair care supplies - both elders and sisters
·                     kleenex
·                     makeup 
·                     nail care items
·                     over the counter medications
·                     soap and soap dishes
·                     small spray bottles
·                     towels
·                     wash cloths
·                     water bottles
·                     bobby pins - both black and brown
·                     belts - elders
·                     bike pant/skirt clips
·                     button extenders
·                     ear muffs
·                     flip flops
·                     gloves
·                     handkerchiefs
·                     nylons
·                     shoe laces
·                     gym shorts
·                     socks
·                     sweatshirts
·                     t-shirts (lots and lots of styles and prints)
·                     ties
·                     pants and shirts
·                     half slips
·                     batteries
·                     battery chargers
·                     clocks
·                     photo albums
·                     power adapters
·                     watches
Cleaning supplies  
FYI - laundry machines are FREE.
You do need to buy/bring soap & dryer sheets
·                     laundry detergent
·                     pre-wash
·                     bleach
·                     dryer sheets
·                     laundry bags
·                     room deodorizers
·                     sewing kits
·                     shoe goo
·                     shoe polish kits
·                     zip lock bags
·                     ankles or wrists braces
·                     coat hangers
·                     ice cleats for shoes
·                     journals
·                     junk/snack foods
·                     luggage bag tags and straps
·                     pass along cards
·                     push up bars for exercise
·                     all kinds of office supplies – pens, pencils, notecards, notepads, etc
·                     STAMPS
·                     oil – for elders
·                     wallets and inserts
·                     mini white boards
·                     PHONE - Calling cards  $5 for 500 minutes!!!!  (HIGHLY RECOMMENDED)
·                     books 
·                     triple combination scriptures  (English)

If you are learning a new language they will GIVE you copies of what you need for your mission.

The books sold in the book store are extras.


  1. Wow...wish I had known this when my son left two years ago...I would of sent him with less stuff...I guess you live and you learn. This will be helpful when my daughter goes in two years!!!

  2. This is so helpful! I had no idea that all of this was available there. Thank you!

  3. This is very helpful....thank u:)

  4. Thanks good information for sure.

  5. Where can I find a prepaid phone card? Do they still even sell them? Do the payphones still take good ol' quarters?