Friday, September 18, 2015

Our Mothers Always Taught Us

You know, growing up I always thought my Mom knew everything. Heck, she knew when I was getting into something before I even had a chance to enjoy whatever it was I was getting into!  ;)  I watched my Mom cook, clean, serve, study to teach lessons and pray with our family. I paid close attention to how she did things...even tho I acted like I didn't!

There were some things that my Mom did that I was SURE I would NEVER do when I was a Mom... like turning into a wild woman when my brother got lost at the swap meet. And then, yep you guessed it...Pam Campbell popped right outta my mouth one day when I least expected it, and on many occasions since! (YES, I was the wild woman frantically searching for my son in Mervyn's a few years back!)

I am so grateful for a Mom that has lived and loved the Gospel. My Mom continues to set a good example! Today she is serving a full time mission with my Dad. They are in the Mississippi Jackson Mission right now, and loving it there....except for the humidity!  ;)  Now she gets to "Mother" young Elders and Sisters... gosh, aren't you glad that there are Senior Couples out there keeping our kids in line!?!?

I sure hope that I am the kind of Mom that when my kids look back, they will feel blessed for the things that have been taught in our home! I am not nearly as good at cleaning, cooking or crafts as my Mom is, but I love my kids with all my heart!!!


PS A note to my kids: Running around like a stark raven lunatic does not help you find a lost child any quicker!  ;) ~MoM