Sunday, October 26, 2014

P-Day = Preparation Day III

I know missionaries look forward to P-Day... but I think a Missionary Momma looks forward to P-day even more!!! I know that I do! I even put it on the calendar in my phone so when I am scheduling appointments, I can avoid overbooking myself! On Mondays I have a very important appointment with my computer! AND it may last most of the day...depending on how many times I hafta refresh before my favorite-email-of-the-week comes in! I am happy to volunteer at the school, take dinner to a neighbor, or watch a friends kids.....buuuuut Monday.....ummmm.... I am busy on Mondays!  ;)

Happy P-DAY!!!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Angel Momma Project

CHRISTMAS IS COMING! Missionary Mommas need to think like Walmart and the craft stores and get Christmassy EARLY.... especially if your missionary is overseas! We get so excited as we prepare Christmas packages for our missionaries. We want them to feel love from home!!!

It has come to our attention that there are a few of our missionaries that have companions that don't have the same support. Some missionaries are the only member in their family, and some families don't have the means to send packages or even letters to their missionary.

Now, I know what you are thinking...because I am have'n the same thought! And the answer is YES, we CAN help! After checking in with the Mission Dept in SLC, we have come up with a couple ways that anyone can help out!!!

We can donate to the General Mission Fund so that when there is a need, the Church can help. And we can send Christmas cards and small packages for the Elders and Sisters on our "Needs Some Love" list. We'll include a few fun items such as CD's, stationery, bookmarks, pens, small treats, etc...'s the plan...

There are several ways to be a part of this project!

1- Donate funds using the Paypal donation button on the MM Mall, in the pinned post on the FB Group or here on the MM Blog! Click here >>>>

2- Purchase a MM Angel shirt, available at the MM Mall... for each shirt purchased, a portion will go to the General Mission Fund and a portion will go to help put together and ship our packages.

3- Donate to the General Mission Fund by using your tithing slip.

4- Go serve the missionaries on YOUR area. Remember to take pics of your service to share with the group throughout December!

I am only one MM... alone I can only do so much... but together as a group, 6,700 strong, we can make a huge difference to the 25+ missionaries on our list!!!

LET THE HOLIDAYS BEGIN!!! And to help get things started, here are some of our missionaries that are already celebrating... celebrating birthdays and P-Day, that is!!! ;)