Thursday, November 9, 2017

If it Fits, it Ships! (Except for International, then there is a weight limit)

Sending packages to missionaries serving internationally can be tricky and expensive.  For many of us, the most efficient and affordable way to get something to our missionary is via an USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are only $6.65 to ship within the US and $33.95 to ship them internationally.

When shipping these within the US there is no weight limit.  When you ship them internationally they can weigh no more than 4 pounds. 
They come in a few different varieties, and all ship for the same price internationally, but vary slightly within the US.:
1. The standard Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are made out of stiff, but flexible cardboard and are available free at most Post Office locations. They are designed to hold 8.5 x 11 documents.  US $6.95, International $33.95
2. The padded Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are plastic, bubble wrap envelopes and are about the same size as the standard ones above.  They are not usually available at the Post Office and can be ordered for free from  They are flexible and they protect the contents. US $7.20, International $33.95
3. The legal size, Priority Mail Flat Rate Envelope.  These are made out of stiff, but flexible cardboard and are not usually available at the Post Office.  They can be ordered for free from (click the link and it will take you to the order form on the USPS website.) US $6.95, International $33.95
If you print and pay for the mailing labels online at you will get free tracking and a small discount over the price you pay at the counter in the Post Office.  If you are shipping to an address outside of the US you will be directed through filling out the customs form online as well.
So, what will fit in one of these envelopes??  All kinds of stuff!  This legal size, flat rate envelope contains: 1 set of twin size sheets, 1 YW personal progress book, 1 YW pendant, 1 CTR ring (cheap distribution center variety), organic fruit snacks, sour belts(Hawaiian candy), post-it note tabs and one hand written letter. All for the low price of $33.95! You just have to watch the weight when shipping international, you can't go over 4lbs. and keep the low price.
I was able to get all of this -
into this -
Here is a nifty trick I found on Pinterest.   I use this, or a modified version of it, every time I send a flat rate envelope package to my missionary. 
When you are shopping for your missionary think flat-ish, and not very breakable.  Here are some ideas for you:

You will be amazed by how much love you can fit in one of these envelopes!  Whatever gifts you choose, make sure you get them in the mail on time.  Check here for the USPS holiday shipping cut off dates.

Good luck and have fun!


  1. Just sent a package to my DE, (who’s serving in The Czech Republic) last week, using the padded Priority Mail envelope, and was charged $55!!!! The package weighed 2.5 lbs! Wondering why my post office charged me almost $20 more?!!!! So weird!

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