Tuesday, March 27, 2018

93% of RMs Experienced This On Their Mission…

Please welcome guest blogger and RM, Spencer Allen. Spencer served in the England London Mission (2007-2009), and attended BYU-I upon returning where he studied Digital Marketing. He now owns Vital Avenue and is helping missionaries and families all over the world!

Over the last few months, we’ve partnered with a group of local college students to help us understand what goes on during a mission. Although we’re active, happy members of the Church, including all of my siblings and I serving missions (Paris, France; Fort Lauderdale, Florida; London, England; Santa Maria, Brazil; Modesto, California), we wanted a closer look inside… at least as close we possibly can.

It’s time I let the cat out of the bag… going on a mission puts EVERY missionary in unfamiliar situations… shocker, I know!

Whether it’s a culture, language, geographical location, talking to complete strangers, or what’s on the dinner table, there is NOTHING like serving a mission.

Regardless of how much my mom tried to prepare me (thank you “Try Something New Night” dinners every week for the last 2 years before leaving on my mission), there’s nothing quite like being in the moment.

Nothing could have prepared me for the night I had pig trotters for dinner. While I’ll spare you the details, I’ll tell you one thing. It was a meal I’ll never forget.

It may be an impossible task to talk to every single RM, but something tells me that I’m not alone in saying you’ll find yourself eating food or drinking something that you’ve never tried before at least once on your mission.

In our research, we surveyed over 250 returned missionaries. As the results continue to come in, the data becomes more and more interesting.

Of the 250+ RMs we polled:

  • 93% ate or drank something they had never been exposed to BEFORE their missions
  • 63% said they ate something they felt was undercooked, underprepared, unsanitary, or otherwise harmful at least a few times a year
  • 42% experienced gastrointestinal issues AT LEAST a few times a year
  • 61% had to pause missionary work due to digestion / stomach related issue

While we’ve received tremendous insights from soon-to-be full-time missionaries as well as RMs, we’re still wanting to know more about the thought process for parents of missionaries.

Will you please take 5-10 minutes in taking the survey below?

Not only will your efforts help our team of college students, but your input and opinions will have a direct impact on those who are currently dealing with common stomach problems including constipation, diarrhea, and parasites as well as those who are looking for additional means of protection against the effects uncommon foods and drinks may bring.

In addition, Vital Avenue is offering a (1) month supply to (10) lucky winners as well as (1) of those (10) also receiving a $50 Amazon Gift Card.

Our team has put together a handful of video testimonials as well as some great content on their site that details their products and their mission of helping preserve and protect the digestive health and well being of your missionary while they labor.

You can visit their website at www.vitalavenue.com

Again, the link you can use to access the survey can be found here:

Vital Avenue can be found on the Missionary Momma Mall