Wednesday, April 2, 2014

You know you are a Missionary Mom if....

Hello! I am so excited that Heidi asked me to contribute to this new blog! I know this will become another source of inspiration for each of us as Mothers as we travel along this journey of having our Sons/Daughters serve missions!

My husband and I have been blessed with three children. The two oldest being twin boys. TWINS! 
My boys graduated from High School in June of 2012. Several months before graduation, the reality of them graduating from high school then soon leaving for missions was causing me great anxiety. I just could not process the idea of them actually leaving home and not being with us as a family like we have been for 18 years. That fall, the age change was announced in general conference and I remember feeling relieved that the change did not affect my boys and they already had their plans underway. 
Our son Teagan decided to serve right away. His twin brother, Michael, decided to attend a few months of college then submit his papers after the school semester. 
So the anxiety started. Teagan submitted his papers in the fall of 2012 and we received his call just a couple of weeks later. 
Preparations began for him to leave. All the while, my fear and anxiety reaching an all time high. I remember feeling very alone in my thoughts. I didn't want to express to my Son my fears because I felt a deep sense of responsibility to stay strong. I was the one checking off the list. Taking him to shop. Planning his farewell. Packing his luggage. I was the Mom! 
Far too often, I would end my day in tears. I would lay in bed at night next to my husband and just cry. I felt an overwhelming fear and anxiety for the unknown and I honestly could NOT process not seeing my Son for two years. 
I even felt a bit of resentment towards ward members. I was tired of feeling like I needed to force a smile when asked about my Son and his mission. Those sweet ladies in my ward promised me that it was going to be an amazing experience. I even had a sister tell me that she missed having a missionary serving from their family. I thought she was crazy!

My Son has now been gone for 15 months and his twin brother has been gone for 5 months. While I felt more prepared  for our second Son to leave it still didn't insure against many tears being shed and the same anxiety being felt.

I look horrible in this picture! Just as my husband took the photo I started to cry. I couldn't help it!

This was my lap while driving away from the MTC. Yes it's true. This is just from one hours time!

So here we are now.... 15 months into this journey as a family. I have had many opportunities to talk to others that also have children serving. I have been asked to share my testimony of missionary work in our sacrament meeting, friends call me asking me for advice and where to "start' once that calls arrives. 
I created facebook groups that have provided me much support and connection with local ward members of each of my Sons missions. I found Missionary Moms!
Over and over I have reflected about these last two years. From the time papers were started to submit to where we are now. 
Over and over I have thought about those sweet ladies and how they were indeed right! We are doing this... we are being blessed and it is an amazing experience!

This week I posted a question on the Missionary Moms Facebook Page and have been tickled with the responses! Oh how I can relate to each and every comment!

The question was "You know you are a Missionary Mom when/if" 
I think each of us laughed and cried and said to our selves.. yep.. been there.. done that.. with all 200 responses!

Here are just a few of my favorites!
1. You have learned to LOVE Mondays!
2.  You stop, pull over, turn around and go back to meet and talk to the Missionaries walking down the side of the road. You insure them that you are NOT CRAZY and ask them if you can take their pic to send home to their Moms. They smile and agree but all the while think.. yes.. she is crazy..,
3. You know how many miles you would have to travel and how long it would take to get there just in case you need to make a quick emergency trip. You renewed your passports!
4. You're holding the last shirt he wore and refuse to wash it because it smells like him and he just left 8 hours ago.
5.  You have a clock in the home set to your missionaries' current time of day AND you know more about what's happening in their neck of the woods than they do.
6. You all of a sudden consider moving to Canada when they get home because they tell you it is THE BEST PLACE ON EARTH! 
7. You have used Google Earth to locate their apartments. 
8.  You spend more money to ship the box of goodies then the cost of the goodies!
9. When you adopt everyone else's sons/daughters while they're serving in your area
10.  It took a year and half to change his cell number contact in your phone to his brother's name - even though it changed hands the day he was set apart!!  (Oh, and a year to let the new owner change the voice mail message)

Those are just a few of my favorite responses that brought me to tears from laughter!

Sisters... we are in this together! Never feel alone in your thoughts like I did. Trust me when I say that there are many others feeling and thinking the exact same way. We can do this! 

Sister Kim Rose
Idaho Falls, Id
MM to Elder Teagan Rose serving since January 2013 in the Canada, Vancouver Mission
MM to Elder Michael Rose serving since November 2013 in the Iowa, Des Moines Mission.
Wife to Elder Darren Rose who served from 1988-1990 in the Mexico, Mexico City South Mission
Mom to Katelyn (15) going on 21!


  1. Awesome post!!! Thank you!!! And I love the other couple hugging in the background of your hugging picture!! (and you look lovely, not awful - we can all relate!)

  2. Is anyone a beautiful crier? Maybe Scarlet O'hara? lol

  3. Awesome! Is it bad if I've done 9 out of 10 on that list. Hahaha!