Tuesday, April 15, 2014

P-Day = Preparation Day

~My phone battery is almost dead by 10am from refreshing my emails.

~EVERYTHING is scheduled around Email time and you wonder if a transfer will mess everything up!

~I check my email before getting out of bed to pee. (Sad but true)

 ~Nothing gets done till I get my email from my Sister Missionary.

~You held FHE on Sunday night b/c your missionary sends emails on Monday evening and there is not enough time to do emails, dinner, AND FHE on the same night!

~I once told my missionary about how I sit at the computer, pushing refresh over and over. His reply was, "that's not healthy, mom" LOL

~You go ahead and do your morning run because you know the email won't come THAT early, but then you wait 4 hours  to take a shower because you don't want to miss the email:)

~When you are sure you will accomplish something after email time but reading other MM pday emails seems much  more important than laundry !

~Your 14 year old gets in the car for his ride to school, shakes his head and says "Mom, did you listen to that CD AGAIN?" Listened to the Nashville Tribute band CD with my twin girls this morning and they informed me that they can put in their papers in October of 2021. Guess I'll be a MM for a long time!

~When it's afternoon and you are still in your PJ's, haven't exercised or showered yet and you can't seem to pull yourself away from the computer.

~When you sit in RS presidency meeting checking your emails on your phone to see if you DD has emailed yet.

~When you tell the receptionist oh I'm sorry I can't come on Mondays I will be waiting for an email

~All of the above, and you cry when you are reading your e-mail...it doesn't even matter if it is happy or sad!

 ~You're waiting up until 1am on Monday morning to read the email from the Philippines, and them you check your phone again at 5am for the email from Armenia!!

~You only clean and organize the part of the house that's in eye-shot from the computer.

~You hope and pray he sends a picture this week!!!!!

~When you hit refresh every minute until you get the email and then read that email over and over until you've got it memorized!

~You take you lunch when they are supose to be on email and then stay late at work to make up for the extra hour you had to wait:) Not complaining at all I would work for hours just to have 30 minutes of email with her!

~When you as a teacher go to the bathroom around 10:45 am to check my phone....sad but It's true!

~You jump OFF the treadmill because you *thought* you heard the "you've got mail" tone.

~You wear out the "refresh" button on your computer and your house looks like crap!!!

~You phone your husband and tell him we have Missionary Mail!!!

~You're still waiting for that first email and don't have a scheduled time yet, so after you calculate the time zone difference, you decide 2 am is a perfectly respectable time to start checking and refreshing your inbox:)

What do YOU do on Missionary Mondays???

Here's what our Missionaries do....


  1. Candi Brundage: so cute Heidi! Fun to see the sisters in pants!

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  3. Great Video, now if I could only get my Elder would send me pictures...

  4. I love it. And you are dead on with what we do on Pday.

  5. Oh the fun! Loved it. Fabulous xo
    Nicky Boaden