Saturday, April 5, 2014

What's on Your Menu????

“When my son was about five or six he decided he wasn't going to go on a mission because his dad ate snails on his mission. He didn't believe me that he wouldn't have to. He decided to write a letter to President Hinckley and ask him. I was so touched when a couple of weeks later, he received a letter from President Hinckley's personal secretary, guaranteeing him that he wouldn't have to eat snails if he didn't want to. My son is on his mission now. And he hasn't had to eat snails.” ~Vicki Lloyd
Missionaries get fed some weird foods.  Deena Gose recently asked our MMs “what's the most interesting thing your Elder or DD have eaten while on their mission?”  Here are some of the responses…

* A whole fish with the head still on.

* Pig feet soup... He LOVED it!!
* Gazpacho. He said it's repulsive, but it's starting to grow on him. Lol.

* My son is in the California Arcadia mission and here is a photo of the cooked grasshoppers he and his companion  ate. He mentioned that "they really weren't that bad." 

* My son ate a Filipino delicacy called balut while he was visa waiting in the California Oakland-San Francisco mission.  Balut is a duck egg where the duck embryo has formed...gross.
* Chicken feet. Yep, what is there to eat on a chicken foot? But she ate it.
* Cow heart,stomach and tongue!! Our daughter is a trouper and said they were all pretty good. Weird textures. She loves Guatemala!!!     
* Bear and guinea pig!
* Menudo... know what that is?
* Hog Head Cheese!!!! Nasty!!
* Opossum (road kill) by a little old lady  in Alabama.
* Russia...sour milk soup, fat jellies with little meat and slices on bread, anything pickled.
* Goat stomach soup which includes everything the goat ate that day including grass, and even had a piece of wire in it.  Achebe is another dish which is sheep intestines stuffed w fat.

*  Cow and pig stomach/intestines.
* My son ate Python, Alligator, Pigs feet, Goat, Blood Dishes.
* My son has had cat and rat. He said the cat was dang good haha! He also eats fish...that is the whole fish bones and all.
 * He has eaten monkey, goat testicles, fish eyes (says they're crunchy).
* Ceviche, a raw fish salad is also a popular Peruvian dish.
* Iguana.. Guatemala City South. They also eat spaghetti in tortillas.
* Frog in the Philippines
* Jellyfish, guinea pig, and alpaca. He says guinea pig is good.
* My son is in the South Pacific in Vanuatu. Almost everything they thre is horrible he says, but his new favorite is dog.
* DOG! dog!!! Not ok! Ha...she said it was good. Lol!
* He has eaten chicken hearts, oxen intestines, and ox tongue. And armadillo on Christmas Eve.

What's on your menu...


  1. Love the story of the little boy writing Pre Hinckley a letter. I guess somethings are better left unsaid. and just experienced. ;)

  2. This makes sticking to my diet easier. If I want to get rid of my appetite I just need to reread these replies.