Saturday, April 5, 2014

Do you Rock the Boat or Paddle?

WOW!  I love General Conference! I love hearing the things that Heavenly Father wants me to know. I especially love when they give the stats...oh how our church is growing! It's incredible! 

This morning I was supporting my daughter at an equestrian meet, so I was listening to conference in my car on the way down there.  I LOVE Elder Holland...he always speaks right to my heart, and today was no different! However, my brain heard something that was a little different (maybe because I was driving? maybe because I needed to learn something?) than exactly what Elder Holland was teaching...

 He said " It is a characteristic of our age that if people want any Gods at all, they want them to be Gods who do not demand much, comfortable Gods, smooth Gods who not only don't rock the boat, but don't even row it"

But, my brain heard "Are you just not rocking the boat, or are you rowing?"

My Dad is a kayaker.  He has built several kayaks and enjoys going out to "paddle" on a regular basis. He has even made a double kayak so that he can take my Mom with him. So when I heard this talk, my thoughts turned to the things that I know about kayaking....which is not much!   But, I do know that if you "rock the boat" you're gonna get wet...and, if you don't "row" you won't get very far! 

Are we sometimes this way in life? Is it easier to just NOT rock the boat? Or, are we actively engaged in the things that will keep us moving forward? Are we paddling like there's no tomorrow? I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm navigating rapids some days!

Missionaries around the world are "paddling" like crazy... as a MM I resolve to get my boat in gear. No more avoiding uncomfortable conversation about the Gospel, no more procrastinating, no more "not rocking the boat" If my son can do it...I can too!!!!


  1. This was so awesome! I work and didn't get a chance to see Conference but I have heard so much about Elder Hollands talk that I am going to make sure to get on line and watch it. Thank you for all that you do and for this blog. I needed that. I gotta go row now. See ya.

  2. Love the personal inspiration you received from that talk.