Saturday, September 20, 2014

Thank You for the Rain!

On September 17th last year, THIS happened....

It rained the whole way home... outside AND inside the car...sniff....sniff!

BUT, on September 17th this year, THIS HAPPENED!!!

This past year has been so much fun, getting to know MMs from all around the world and their  missionaries who are serving all over!!! A day doesn't go by that I don't get to laugh, cry, share, learn and love on Missionary Mommas!!! 

I have found that I am not the only one with a worn-out refresh button on my computer, and I'm not the only one weeping during football, basketball, track or baseball season. I'm not the only one with a secret stash of chocolate for hard days and I am not the only one cutting across traffic to get to the curb and whipping out my phone to snap a pic of missionaries riding by.... yes, I really did this yesterday  :}

One year down and one to go...and then I get to buy a "mission accomplished" banner and post "airport hug" pics! I am already on the look out for cute "homecoming appetizer" ideas.... and OH SUGAR, this means I hafta give his hoodie back!!!!

And about the time that I get used to NOT having a missionary out.... my daughter will be old enough to go! ***SIGH***

Until then... I will not only enjoy the rain....I will be thankful for it. Because without missions there would be no MMs and without rain....there would be no rainbows!!!

****I LOVE MMs****


  1. As always Heidi this video is awesome! And of course it made me bawl! Thanks for putting the picture of my son's worn out shoes! It reminds me of what a hard working dedicated young man I have for a missionary whom I love very much <3 You are an amazing sister! God bless you always!

  2. Love it! I took pics of a double rainbow today! Makes my heart happy. Thanks for the video. My heart waits with anticipation as I watch hoping to see my missionary! Thanks again!

  3. I loved it and LOVE the Piano Guys version of this song!!! It turned out beautiful!! :)

  4. This was so beautiful. Thanks for all you have done for this group

  5. I love these videos, they make me smile and cry!! ;)

  6. Heidi,
    I wanted to say thank you for posting these for us and the world to see what our kids do!

  7. This may be my favorite video of yours yet! Yes, definitely wiped away a tear or two. Totally agree with all your sentiments you expressed in your blog entry as well. Thank you for creating and sharing <3

  8. Love it! I'm already crying and I'm not even out of bed yet! Great way to start my day, our half way is next month and I can't wait!

  9. Love it!!!! Wished I submitted my Missionay pics too for this one.

    Donna Schauers

  10. Love the video! Sad that I always miss the chance to have the picture of my son in your videos :(