Monday, September 29, 2014


I recently had a conversation with another MM, we were talking about the different ways that Missionary Mommas Group on Facebook has helped us. She said "it's like an MTC for Mommas" and you know what???  I think she's right!  I have learned so much over the past year from the comments and posts that have been posted in the MM Group! I now know that each mission has different rules that the Mission President puts into place for the missionaries he is responsible for in his mission. I know waaaaaaay more than any one person needs to know about shipping and handling! I can pop off about 50 different fun treats to send to my missionary.... and cute quotes to go with them! And, most days, I can tell ya the weather conditions across the seas! ;)

I also have learned about the tender mercies that occur on a daily basis, for our MMs and each of their missionaries. I know of the pain that a Momma experiences when her missionary is struggling and the extreme joy that comes when a missionary is successful and loving his or her mission! I have shared in the excitement surrounding the "homecoming" experience.... and oh my goodness I can hardly wait!!!!

As Sisters in Zion we DO all work together. We teach, we learn.... we glean from one another!  So as missionaries enter the MTC... we Mommas come here to the MMTC... the Missionary Momma Training Center!!! What we don't know...we research and discover together!



  1. Heidi,
    Thank you for creating such a place for us to share. I know you never started out with the intentions of this being so huge, but you never let it overwhelm you. You just found people to help you let it grow in leaps and bounds that has blessed us all.

  2. Very true. Beautifully written. I have learned so much from my son going foreign all the way to Chile and now my DD stateside in Virginia. So different but a lot of similarities too. Thanks for the post!

  3. Thanks for opening this page so I can have some support and help! It is a great "sisterhood" of mommas!!!

  4. Love Missionary Momma's. There is always someone who has been there, done that! Thanks for sharing!