Monday, September 15, 2014

First Day Blues

Recently, Traci Hovey asked the question "How do you deal with the 
proud but "empty" feeling when that missionary finally leaves?"

Lots of Mommas jumpped in on this thread with lots of good suggestions! We discovered that everyone "deals" differently! Some Mommas have to stay out of their missionaries room and others get right in there and clean! Some Mommas go to movies to get their mind off the "missing", and some Mommas treat themselves to ice cream, soda pop, Krispie Kremes....and yep, you guessed it CHOCOLATE!

Some Mommas need lots of hugs, others just go to bed early. Some watch comedies, and others dive into family history! Some Mommas go to the Temple to find comfort, some get blessings and others focus on love'n on the kids they still have at home. Some Mommas use to send daily notes to their missionary in the MTC, and some Mommas just gotta let themselves cry.

We have Mommas that recommend taking the day off, and Mommas that go hug their local Sister Missionaries. We have Mommas that wear their missionaries hoodies and Mommas that set new goals to accomplish while their missionary is serving! AND one Momma even suggested bungee jumping!  LOL!

We all look forward to snail mail and weekly emails and everyone agreed that staying busy helps. Getting out there and serving your local missionaries helps a bunch!!! For me, hanging out on the MM group with other Mommas that "get it" has been the best cure for those first day (and every **BIG SIGH** day) blues!!!



  1. OH Thanks Heidi, I am very weepy now................

  2. This is awesome! I always want to be a missionary momma! I am a little sad my time is running out and I am in the downhill now.

  3. my son leaves in 29 days...his countdown.... so I am getting lots of great ideas here, thanks!

  4. I had to pause it...and go find the tissues! :)

  5. Way to make me bawl!!! I am sooooo looking forward to the day when my son comes home from his mission! It will be the best day of my life <3

  6. There just really aren't words adequate to describe the emotions in this video. I felt the joy of those "dancing mammas" deep in my heart. My daughter is serving in Latvia. I did not have the means to fly to Provo to see her walk off into the MTC. However, the hour before she was to report, my heart was racing here at home, and I could not concentrate on anything. All I could do was fall to my knees and pray to Heavenly Father to send his angels to surround her. And then at the moment she was to report, I got an overwhelming sense of peace. It was like every worry being lifted. Again, words can't fully describe. And I have had that feeling about her since she has been out serving 8 months so far. I know, without any doubt, that the Lord is mindful of her. He is mindful of all of our children. He hears us and knows us. As for the coming home part, I have yet to have that experience (July 2015)... but I know I am going to be one of those dancing, clapping mammas!

  7. Staying busy helps me when I have too much time on my hands its so much harder to be away from my DD