Monday, January 26, 2015

I Wanna Be a Missionary so Fetchin' Bad

I believe that all of our missionaries are talented. Some kids get brains, some get brawn and some....get pipes! And this kid's got some pipes!!!

Elder Dakota Striplin, a 20 year old Elder from Redland Bay, Queensland, Australia, is serving in the Micronesia Guam Mission, currently on the island of Palau where he has been for over 8 months. At 18, Elder Striplin got to go to Nauvoo as a Young Performing Missionary, at this point in his life, he had already had lead roles in professional musicals such as "Hairspray" AND he had made it to The Voice Australia as well as Australia's got Talent!


His Momma...or Mum, Elizabeth said this...
"Serving in Nauvoo really sealed his testimony and shortly after he returned he put his papers in for a 2 year mission. During the time that his papers were in, he was asked by the Nashville Tribute Band (finding each other on Facebook) to be part of the Album 'My Call to Serve'. He is featured in two songs on that Album 'I'm Gonna Go' (older boys voice) and 'M.O.M. (mothers of missionaries). Can you imagine how that song makes me feel as it was released just days before he left. Anyhow, while he was in Nashville there was auditions for America's Got Talent. He found himself auditioning and making it through to NYC and then to Vegas. We saw him a few times on TV in the background but they didn't show his audition, even though it was successful, because he pulled out to go on his mission. He knew that these things would wait and that his mission was far more important."

Striplin's have always had missionaries visit their home and Dakota liked to sit down with them and play and enjoy their company! He has written 2 missionary parodies. The first one, "I Wanna Be a Missionary so Fetchin' Bad" he wrote when he was only 15! "Mormon Dream" was featured in a Deseret News Article a couple of years ago - they knew nothing about it until a 'fan' put it on Dakota's Facebook wall.

Elder Striplin loves his mission and is very happy. He always tells his family how important it is to be a forever family and that he is, and will always be, obedient because he never wants to jeopardise them being together forever!

See if you can pick out Elder Striplin's voice in this may know a couple of these kids too! ;)



  1. What a wonderful way to share his testimony, music speaks to my soul...

  2. Wow he has got some talent. I loved them all, so cute.

  3. Wow so super great. Loved them he is so talented!

  4. I love that CD
    Debbie Gale

  5. That's my favorite song on the cd "Im gonna go" Heidi how can I share it on face book. Primary kids would love the video my girls love singing it from the cd.