Monday, December 8, 2014

My Rock

I was recently able to visit my family in Utah. My Mom and Dad live on the foothills in North Ogden. From their back porch, this is the view...

This is Ben Lomand Peak. I have never climbed it... although, that is on my bucket list! Ben Lomand draws many tourists, mostly avid hikers and climbers. When my family first moved back to the States (I think I was 6 or 7), I was so scared that this mountain was going to come crashing down on us. It took me a while to feel the safety of this giant rock. As I grew up, I learned to love this mountain and the security it brought. When I got lost, I could look towards the peak and know which direction to travel to get back home! I knew that no matter where we ventured, when I saw Ben... I was almost home! Now, when I visit, I feel a sense of comfort as we round the bend and Ben Lomand comes into view... I feel safe. I feel protected. I feel at home!!!

I have another rock! 
He is my Savior!

I look to him for comfort too! As a child, when I sinned, I worried that He would come "crashing down on me"... but as an adult I find safety in the atonement. When I am lost, He helps me find my way. When I read His stories in my precious scriptures, I know what direction to travel! Christ also attracts the attention of many... not just hikers and climbers tho! His invitation to all "Come Unto Me" is not exclusive! 

This Christmas Season, let's share the gift of Christ, so that all mankind can feel the direction, the security and the love that comes from knowing our Savior! The Missionaries are the teachers....we, brothers and sisters, are the finders and the testifiers!!!

It is upon the rock of our Redeemer
that we must build our foundation.




  1. What a beautiful video...this video is a wonderful missionary tool!!!

  2. Wish I could show one of my students mom who is struggling right now with the heavy burdens that life gives us sometimes.

  3. What a beautiful video with a beautiful message. Thank You!!!

  4. WOW....thank you! Such a poweful message...LOVED IT!! Brenda Buckley

  5. I always enjoy seeing all our wonderful missionaries. Get message.

  6. Our young men and women are incredible...many of them are our rocks...

  7. I wish you could know how much I needed to see this at this time. Thanks for touching my soul.

  8. Awesome video! Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thank you for the time energy and the reminder of the message that He is our steadfast rock! Perfection!