Saturday, November 15, 2014

Counting and Swimming!

Kaleen Polakoff recently wrote a post on MMs that caught my attention and tugged at my heart strings! I loved it so much, that I turned it into a poem! I am fortunate enough to already have my sons return date, so I can count the numbers down exactly! Feel free to copy and paste and sub in your own numbers!!!


I am a Missionary Momma,
Friends and family say I should not count,
The days, the weeks, the months and years,
The seconds, the minutes, the hours and tears!

They think I will go crazy
...and maybe that is true.
But, I smile to myself, because I'm a Mom,
and that's exactly what good Mommas do!

Potty Training, Kindergarten, Baptism,
Junior High, Stake Dances, Decisions.
High School, Sports, and Summer Vacations,
Dating, License and Finally Graduation!

Days til Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas, 
Halloween Candy, Treasures and Monster-in-the-closet suspicions.
Each little finger and each tiny toe,
Poopy Diapers and other important things that a Mom needs to know!

I have sat on my bed as the minutes passed by,
Waiting and wondering did his date go awry?
I counted the footsteps as he crept down the hall,
Thinking I was asleep and didn't worry at all!

So it comes pretty natural for me to continue to tally,
Each second, each day, each moment I rally,
For the boy that I sent just 425 days ago,
Will return a man, just 289 more sunrises to go!

Just Keep Swimming!!!!


  1. Why is it that I want to rap to this rather than read it? Haha

  2. It was already good poetry. Now it's verse, or a rhyme.

  3. You said it all!! Love it!

  4. ROTFL!! OK I LOVED this and had NO idea you were going to do this! I am so glad you did. heheh thanks Heidi

  5. I love showing our humor. Laughing is best done with friends!

  6. I love seeing our humor, laughing with a friend is the best!