Saturday, November 29, 2014

10 Things I have Learned

Please welcome guest blogger Kim Brown, 
mother of 4, dance teacher and Missionary 
Momma to Sister Brown serving in the Florida,
Tallahassee Mission. Kim had a fantastic post
on MMs the other day! See if you can relate....

Things I have learned in my first month as a Missionary Mom

1. You can't say no to anything for your local missionaries anymore.

2. The Post Office is your second Home

3. Sometimes all you can do is pray for your missionary.

4. Countdown Calendars are Mean and should not be started until you have less than 60 days to go.

5. I am not alone as a Missionary Mom.
6. My daughter is grown up and amazing.

7. My daughter is still a young girl who is figuring it all out.

8. I have a year supply of envelopes, pens, papers, and stamps, just in case there is a shortage.

9. Mondays are the best day and the worst all rolled into one.

10. My daughter will always be one of my best friends and I love her here, there, or anywhere.

"Our family is just your "normal" LDS family trying to be a little
 more out of the ordinary in this journey of life."

~Kim Brown