Thursday, July 17, 2014

I'm Just a Missionary Mom

I'm just a missionary mom. I have a child out. What is she (he) doing today? Did you get enough to eat? Did you sleep well? Is your companion your best friend? Were you warm enough today? Do your feet ache after a rough day? These are my thoughts all day long, because I love you, because I worry, because I am a missionary mom.

Did you see my child today? Did she (he) knock on your door? Did you offer her something cool to drink? Or did you slam the door? Please don't be angry with my child. She (he) is just serving the Lord. Please don't cuss at my child, she (he) is there trying to help you get to God someday. I think of these things because I am a missionary mom. 

Did you know, that Monday is my day too? I sit and wait for your email! I want to hear, did you have any baptisms this week? Did you teach the Gospel? Did you feel the spirit today? Were your appointments successful? I wait breathless, because I am a missionary mom.
Were you able to get fed today? Did you laugh and take a deep breathe? Were you able just to see God's work all around you in each face, each cloud, and every child? I see art work that God has done with you, because I am a missionary mom.
Each letter I write, each package that I send to you, I wonder, did you like it? did that make you happy? Did it give you a little love from home? I do this for you because I am a missionary mom.

Each day I am on my knees asking God to protect you and your companion, and all the missionaries all around the world. I have other moms who are my friends, because they too are missionary moms. We pray for you, miss you, love you and think of you every day, because we are missionary moms.

I love you my child, because I am a Missionary Mom!

Anna Carbone


  1. This is so beautiful, Anna! I love it!

  2. Well said Anna! Beautiful words!

  3. Oh Anna, you expressed my feelings so well.
    its just perfect!!!

  4. Beautiful! This is why we all love Anna and the other missionary moms!

  5. Anna! You are not only awesome you are an AWESOME Missionary Momma! You are loved!