Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Missionary to the Rescue!

Jaymee recently posted this in Missionary Mommas. I couldn’t help but share it with the world! I hope it makes you smile...or even LOL!!!

I just received this text…

"I'm sending this for my grandma-  i met your son today I was walking with my groceries, and some (insert bad word) punks grabbed my cart and started to run off, all these people's watching, do nutten, and here come this white boy with these long legs chasing him down! Got back my food and my bag back. I tried to give him some money, but he said no, wouldn't take nutten, but said,can you just send my mama a message and tell her "I love her, Tell her we're on exchanges and doing the Lords work" You raised a good boy Ms Loftin, a real good boy. GOD bless you all, God just bless you!” 

My grandma is 88 years old, if she coulda run she would have whooped them. My family all thanks your boy.
Elder Loftin

Jaymee and her husband Aaron
Jaymee Kay Loftin Avery is a busy MM.  She has 2 missionaries serving, one in Alaska and the other in Mississippi. She is a convert of 12 years, her hubby baptized her and her kids!!! Jaymee says “I am a social worker who brought my work home.”  She has 4 biological children, Andrea who would be 27 but went home early, Kyle (21), Mitchell (19), and Tabetha (16) and then she has adopted Jasmine (21), Jacob and Josh (23) twins – Josh left to serve on the other side of the veil 3 years ago, Shauna (22), Passia (20). And she just got custody of, adoption pending Kaiison (3) Kaiisons sister Aeriis also lives with Jaymee.


  1. Great story, LOVED the text, made me laugh out loud today! Maybe I missed seing it before??

  2. So glad I know you.... my life is forever changed.