Sunday, June 15, 2014


When I was just a little girl,
My Dad could do no wrong.
Tickle tortures, bedtime stories,
and guitar pick'n songs!

He taught me to always choose the right,
And corrected when I chose wrong.
But then he'd come and talk with me,
And I would be happy before long.

Dad taught his kids to garden,
We even got to choose our seeds.
Us kids we really had it rough,
Can you believe he made us weed?

I've mowed more lawn than I care to share,
And took my turn on dishes.
Dad gave us responsibilities,
But also granted wishes!

Because of Dad we got to camp,
And fish and play and hike.
He always lead the campfire songs,
And taught me to tie flies!

Dad worked so we could have nice things,
Like clothes and food and braces.
Then when we went to Disney land,
We had straight-toothed smiling faces!

Now that I am older,
I still love those guitar sounds.
I'm thankful for my dear 'ol Dad,
He's the BESTEST DAD around!



  1. Heidi what a great job!! I surprised my hubby with it. He got all teary eyed 😅

  2. I just had a chance to view this and thank you Heidi! I LOVED it!

  3. love it you are getting really good at this !

  4. you did a great job !! you have an amazing gift at doing these !