Thursday, April 30, 2015

First EVER MM Workshop!

Last weekend a few of us MMs gathered together in Orem at the LDS Missionary Expo for the first ever Missionary Momma Workshop! There were some fantastic speakers that came to deliver some wonderful messages to the Mommas!

We want to share them with all of you!!! 

The MTC Experience
Kathryn Porter
Former Provo MTC Teacher
and one of the sweetest Sista's you will ever meet!

Question for the MP
President Chris Campbell and his beautiful wife Yvonne
Mission Pres and Mission Mom of the Canada Edmonton Mission 2010 - 2013
In-Field Rep at the Missionary Dept, SLC

When Plans Change
Kepi Heimuli
Micronesia Guam Mission & Michigan Detroit Mission
Stake Young Mens Pres. & Eagle Coach
Field Service Rep at Zion Bank

Mission Documentation
Dustin Taylor & Gareth Borcherds
Missionary Mail Bag

I'm a RM... What the Heck Do I Do Now???
Andy Proctor
Founder of The Returned Missionary
Creator of

A HUGE thank you to all those that came and shared with us!


  1. This makes me so happy I missed the workshop because we ended up listening to the 3 other speakers during that time downstairs. I thought those were the MM workshop speakers. When we figured it out it was as too late for us but we did hear Adam Proctire downstairs. My husband was so impressed so was my 18 year old son. Working on getting ready. I am so glad Liz told me on Thursday night that families were invitedi. I thought it was just moms so as soon as I found out I could bring my husband and my son I was thrilled. It was good for him. Thanks so much for all you do!.

  2. Sorry I have a question can I be signed up somehow to get the blog when something new is written? I am not on Facebook as much as others and I would love to get them in my email so I don't miss them. I followed another blog and I just had to add myself at the bottom. Anytime she's outs anything o her blog. Church related. Family anything I get it sent to my email . I am just wondering if that could happen with this one. I have loved everyone I have ever read/seen and I always share them. But I know I muss them from not being in Facebook so much. Thanks I just don't want to muss out. My email is thanks So much for all you do!

  3. Hi Lisa!!! I love that you love the MM Blog! There is a spot on the right hand side of your screen that will let you "subscribe" to the Blog, that way you will get an email notification each time a new post is published!!! (((HUG)))

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