Saturday, May 10, 2014

Tomorrow, Tomorrow It's Skype/Call Day Tomorrow!!!

Tomorrow, Tomorrow It's Skype/Call Day Tomorrow it's only a daaaaaay aaaaaaaway!

Tomorrow Moms of missionaries all around the world will be anxiously awaiting that call or that skype! Letters in our mailboxes are really fun, weekly email is wonderful....but the call/skype is very precious to a Missionary Momma! But, what do you say...there's so much that you want to know...and yet, you want to just let your missionary talk. Do you write down questions? Do you type up a speech...aaaaahhhh.  You want that few precious minutes to be perfect!!!

Here's a few fun suggestions for a Mother's Day call/skype  ;)

~Send more pictures...and WHEN ARE YOU COMING HOME!? Just kidding! I'll try not to mention that I can't wait til October!


~Would you pleeeeaaasee stop taking pictures of all the animals that you find in Australia? The snake wrap around your body almost gave me a heart attack!!!!

~ THANK YOU for the quick thinking that saved your life when the semi hit you!!!

~ I'm going to fill him in on what he's missing. I will ask him everything that comes to mind about what I'm missing. It will all happen really unscripted and organically. I can't wait for my mother's day date with my son.

~I don't ask questions - we just sit and listen to her energetic love for the Gospel!! Can't wait to hear her voice!!!

~I will let him talk. I want to hear his testimony and I will ask him what 3 things he's learned most on his mission.

~Where are my Picture's and you could write more LOL

~Did you feel the last earthquake? Are you prepared if there is a big one and have they trained you in any of your missionary meetings what to do?

~ Piddle after we both cry. I'm gonna scream. I so love you.

~I'm not worried at all about what we will talk about!

We are never at a loss of things to talk about!

~ I want the details of day to day life, so I can picture him on his mission.

~We love you and are SO proud of you! ( No crying allowed.)

~ My son is naturally not much of a talker. So I imagine it will be hard to keep him talking.

~Just going to let her talk the entire time.


~I love you to the moon and back...

~So how was your visit to the Urgent Care center and next time call your mother's phone not your Dad's!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~This is what I am going to say.." Danielito te amo!!!!

~ Are you using your mosquito repellent? How many times have you had Dengue Fever?

~ I really want him and his companions to sing a song to me in Spanish!

~It is all mumble through the tears !
~How is dorm living (he has 3 other elders in his apt)? Are you eating anything besides otter pops and PB&J? How much do you love feeling the spirit every single day? How often do you miss your mom? ????

~With my other missionaries, we have always had a family prayer before we hang up. Our missionary offers the prayer in whatever language they are speaking. I usually don't cry until then...floodgates!

~I'm so very proud of you!!!

~ I want my gift to be his testimony in Portuguese. I don't care if I don't understand a word of it. I will feel it.

~ Thank you for your example!

~ I will ask her what its like teaching out in the desert in old west ghost towns. Mostly I just want to tell her how proud I am of her and that I love her.

~I LOVE YOU!!!!!!

.....and then "Good-bye"....for now.  Only 227 days till Christmas!


  1. I can't wait!-candi Brundage!!!

  2. My son sang a primary mother's day song to me. It was horrible and precious. I loved it!